A poem about the rainforest

The sound of the rainforest

Written by Lisa Davies


The sound of the rainforest

The whistling of the breeze

The crashing of the thunder

The stillness of the trees

The talking of the primates

The whistling of the birds

The chattering of all the bugs

The silence to be heard

The banging of the chain saws

The falling down of wood

The land drying up

Of where a tree once stood

The disappearing of the wetlands

The extinction of a home

The taking away of life

That the wildlife have only known

The men in all their trucks

The saws and choppers too

The destruction of animals lives

As they’re carted off to the zoo

The disappearing of the green grass

The mud that’s now not there

The bugs are gone forever now

The world it is so bare

The voices that were screaming help

The chimpanzees that cried

The silence now, the forest dead

The world has gone and died

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