An update on our ponies

Our 4 ponies Toby, Rolo, Jessie and Treacle are all doing well. Jessie is 3 years old and is the mother of Treacle who is now 4 months old. He will be weaned soon from her which will take a couple of months. Treacle is quite a cheeky and independent little pony so likes cantering off across the field on his own from his mummy so he is getting ready to be weaned. Today we introduced him to Toby, who is an 11 year old gelding pony. This went really well and afterwards we put Treacle back into the field with his mummy, Jessie. Tomorrow we will do the same thing so they all start to get used to it.

Toby is ridden by children most days as is a very sweet pony. Rolo is ridden by bigger children/ teenagers or small adults and he is also very lovely. They are all enjoying the grass at the moment, and the rain has been nice for them to cool down from the very hot days lately. Jessie has improved alot since she arrived with her foal. She was very scared at first as she had been rescued. Now she is much friendlier and enjoys being scratched and brushed! We have another pony arriving next week who will be a nice friend for Jessie.

Hopefully eventually all our ponies will be able to live in an animal assisted therapy centre we will be funraising to be built which is ultimately our future goal

Below:Toby being ridden and Treacle having a run around the field. DSC_2297DSC_2280


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