Volunteers needed for UK primate days

We are looking for enthusiastic, reliable, sensitive and caring volunteers to help out on our UK primate days. The days are planned at various child support charities. So far we have been working with children’s hospices, where we worked with siblings of the children who are supported at the hospice.

The days are full of creativity, fun, looking at feelings, communication and the similarities between primates and humans. The activities are very flexible and we always have an open mind and invite ideas of new activities. The volunteers working on the day need to be able to use their intuition and be spontaneous if needed, as-well as sticking to the aims of the day.

Play chimps

Contacts for these volunteering roles are at the bottom of the page.

We run different activities at the days, and they are age dependent too. The charity is contacted and we put together the activities to suit the age range of children and the support that they may need. Examples of some of our activities we use to  work the days with are:

The Yebo Primate communication board:

The  primate communication board is a game where the children stick on different faces of expression onto the primates on the board. The board is made up by our activities coordinator and is a group of monkeys with missing faces with velcroe on. We then have a pack of monkey faces with different expressions on such as sad, happy, tired, excited etc.   The children are able made up stories of what is happening to the primates to cause them to have the expressions that they were changing around on the faces, which are interchangeable with velcro  backs.


Puppet making

We help the children make primate puppets, using cardboard and furry material. These are made to allow the children to create their own primate with their own expression. They can then make up a puppet show and take these home with them if they would like to.


There are many more  activities you can run for older children using computer games. These have also proved a lot of fun in the past for teenagers supported by the hospices. we even ran a day called Monkey’s got talent…read about some of the days below



If you  think you would be a good candidate for this volunteering role then we would love to hear from you.

You can contact Lisa Davies via email



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