Pony days update

The past 3 weeks have seen a number of children from the surrounding areas take part in our pony days which have included trial days and days with children who we offer our support to.


Making friends

Making friends

The days have consisted of pony riding, grooming, tacking up, feeding and taking part in art activities. Children from the surrounding areas were offered a chance to join us in the local village.

Toby is our main pony who takes children for rides and our other ponies are there to be groomed and loved.  After the pony part of the day we made different games and creative activities. These included apple and carrot bobbing, making and playing with hobby horses, creating pony pictures with hand painting, pebble painting and we even made a drama play where ponies made friends and helped eachother to live in the fields.

During the winter months, the art and play activity sessions will take place at the local village hall after the pony sessions at the farm.

NB: Some of our photographs have been edited to protect the child’s identity

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