A pony morning

The UK pony and art days have started. Our latest day was a pony theme during our art and craft session, where we made collages of happy and sad ponies. We related this to a children’s story about a pony who was sad and had lost his friends. The children listened to this story at the beginning of the session and we talked about what would make a pony happy and what would make it sad. The children then made lots of food such as carrots and apples out of play-dough which we pretended to feed to our pony collages that we had made.  The children also made pony masks which they could make into any feeling that they chose. All of the masks and collages were decorated with different textures of materials that the children wanted to use, letting them use their creativity whilst guiding them through the aim of the day.


The second part of the morning was based at the farm where the children are able to have hands on contact with our ponies. The children took part in grooming the ponies and some of them had a small ride on them too. The ponies always love a fuss and it was great that the children were able to take part in caring for them.



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