Volunteer your skills in South Africa, Uganda and  in the UK! Yebo work with child support organisations and wildlife conservation organisations in the UK and Africa.

Yebo support children with emotional and social disadvantages through wildlife and animal-based communication activities.  We work with African special needs schools, UK children’s hospices, Ugandan orphanages, our UK ponies at their farm and African Chimpanzee and wildlife sanctuaries.

Our support is focused on animal assisted therapy and  primate communication activities. Yebo aim to open a UK animal assisted therapy centre Our volunteers support the children through a number of activities including art, music and drama.  In Africa the children are able to observe chimpanzees in primate sanctuaries learning about their behaviour and the difficulties that they face in the wild as well as being involved in educational, communication and creative activities involving these subjects . All of this aims to have a therapeutic and educational experience to benefit the children and primate conservation. Children do not work hands on with primates but are able to  have hands on contact with other wildlife from safe and well managed sanctuaries, where we also encourage children to support conservation. In the UK we run activity primate days, pony activities with our 5 ponies and have training days for our volunteers